Sunday, 15 February 2015

my price

Girl! do you also hear this, o well I thought I was going crazy but I guess y'all get to listen to this as well
  • Ah  you are so old school
  • people don't think that way anymore 
  • girl this is the 21st century you gotta live up
  • Who cares about virtues and worth
  • Things have definitely changed
  • I wouldn't date a novice in sex
  • Why do you hold back? It's not a guarantee that you would live a happier life and your partner would love you more
  • You have to eat as many fishes as you can before he puts a ring on it
I was talking to some girls sometime ago and I asked them what are your prices, I listened to each of them speak and I got this very interesting response from one of the girls, she said plainly to me " if he has a house and a car I would gladly fuck him" I was speechless, I was sad but I did not want to judge, I talked further to this interesting young lady and I discovered she lacked nothing, she comes from a pretty decent family and she was quite intelligent. I started asking myself questions, why on earth would this beautiful and smart girl have a ridiculous price tag and then I watched her further and I realized she was getting fed with the wrong message. Who are these people feeding this mind with destruction? Her friends! These are people who don't even know their left from their right and here is this girl taking advice from them. 
Back to the matter, I go online and I see naked girls everywhere, I see desperate young ladies striving so hard to be noticed, I see beautiful girls fighting over boys who don't even care about them, I see girls that spend their last cash on tight pants and cleavage revealing outfits just to impress. Do you know that if you put as much effort as you invest in ridiculous things into  your dreams you would achieve sooo much? Do you not know that you have a price? Common girl! You worth more, you deserve much more. Yes ! Why do you chase the boys? Are you trying to change the way things have been? back in the days men worked hard to get a woman, men did everything they could do to impress a lady they fancied but now they do not have to work hard anymore, everything is at their disposal. Why do you have to be so easy and available, why do you sell yourself at a ridiculous price? Do you know that the Taj Mahal was built for a woman like you, do you know that Jacob worked 14 years to marry the woman that he loved, well it's never too late, invest in your self, make yourself a woman that can make a man do anything, let your name be called where great queens pays to be a virtuous woman, it's pays to hold on till the right time! Get busy, do what you ought to do, occupy yourself with the thought of being accomplished and ye shall be highly exalted.

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