Sunday, 15 February 2015

i am female

I am female, I am a born leader, I am special, I am unique, I have something within me that is so bright and beautiful, I was created to restore balance to the universe. Could the world have been anything without me?  would the day that seem bright and beautiful bring forth peace and harmony without my caressing and soothing touch? could the sun shine and the moon beam  without my delightful heart? Nooo I thought as much, then  why do I feel this way? Why does it feel like I have to live up to the standards of society? I am a young woman with dreams and ambition to rule the world,  I am made to believe that if I achieve success I would be a threat to the male gender and I will end up being old and alone, I know that I am powerful, I know that I can achieve enormous glory, I know my instincts can lead me far above my imagination, so why do I hold my breath? Why am I afraid? Why is my eagle suppressed? I guess I have let myself be occupied with voices that say I can't. The story ends here , I have decided to let no one dictate to me what to do with this one precious life, I don't need permission to climb my mountain,  O ye voices of the ignorant listen and listen good, I will be who I want to be 

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