Tuesday, 17 February 2015

vanity my companion

Staring at the wall, memories flashing from within,
I want it all, I must have it all,
Success my only motive, power and fame I desire above all ,
O money!  She gazes at me seductively, I take her hands and follow her trail,
How could she possess so much power over my thoughts? I crave her touch endlessly, I permit her to feed on my soul,
 She adheres to my endless needs but yet I cannot be satisfied, I seek for her carress from dawn to dusk,
O money! What have you done to me? I am a slave to your command,
I stay oblivious to the warnings of reality, money to me is my only soul mate,
Staring at the wall all alone in my sick bed,  no one to hold my feeble hand, no one to cry  with me,
 Alas! It dawns on me, I have such little time left,
O money, where art thou? Bring me flowers and play the violin to the soothing of my soul,
 I lay 6 feet beneath the surface of mother earth, o money where are you.


  1. Secretly and stylishly I read ur articles it gets to my soul even though I might not comment you have a huge fan here even though I want to reach out to you talk but I just wanna read and remain anonymous.#much love

  2. thank you! you got me blushing lol i am so lazy and i like to procrastinate but i'll try my best to be up to date from now so you can have more to read

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